Offering scalable Web, Mobile (Android and iOS) and Packaged Application testing to support CI/CD in Startups and Enterprises

Digital Testing

e2e Acceptance Testing

Scalability Testing

Test Automation

Crowd Testing

Usability Testing

Beta Testing

Quality Audit

Security Audit

Web Application Testing

Product Testing

Dedicated QA Teams

Investor Due Diligence

Launch Readiness

Demo Readiness

We follow context driven test approach to deliver great business value from testing and provide relevant information to all stakeholders to take appropriate decisions. We support all development approaches like DevOps and Agile and accelerated your software quality delivery.

We work on all platforms - Web / Android and iOS  etc and have application expertise on SAP, Hybris, Functional Product Testing. We have expertise on open source and licensed versions of tools to perform automation and conduct comprehensive checks of performance, security and functional stability.

Test data and environment management, Compliance Testing, Data Migration Testing, Location Based Testing, Claims Testing, App Store Feedback Management, Services Auditia

Want to work with the rockstars of Mobile/Web/Packaged Application testing? Contact us for tailored services.

Launching shortly? Seen of late several 1 stars on the Play Store? Short term spike in QA requirements? Inhouse expertise not available? Prepping for an investor demo? Be in control, whatever your business context is.

We create an exceptional user expirience in every stage of your user journey

We help global Startups and Enterprise clients to deliver software of high quality across several vertical industries


Find Tech

Prop Tech

Insure Tech


Food Teach

Edu Tech

Media & Entertainment


Retail & E-commerce

Consumer Internet

From bootstrapped to funded startups, tech startups of all sizes work and any company that needs to improve its QA

Tech Startups, Startup Accelerators, Incubators, Investors, Work Space Providers, Government Startup Initiatives / Cell, Corporate Accelerators, University Initiatives  ....

Enterprises, Independent SOftware Vendors (ISVs), SMBs, Brands, Digital Agencies, Government Projects

QA as a Function, Project Based, One off engagements, Fixed Bid - Per Hour/T&M, Pay For Performance (Security)

Onshore, Near Shore, Offshore Engagements

Combining the expirience of testing for over 100 Apps

No more simulators/emulators. With over 100+ real devices to cover all form factors, manufacturers, get your app tested on real devices.icos.

Ready to handle all your test requirement over 1100 global cell networks. Combined with crowd, this is a sure shot way to address all your location and network based testing requirements.

Ensuring the Velocity of testing required to guarantee the Quantity and Quality of testing so that you iterate fast and your releases are always on time.

Ensures your apps are of Minimum Viable Quality, not just your MVP but all your subsequent releases thereafter.

Functional Tests

No uninstalls due to suboptimal quality.

Design Checks

Optimized for delivering consistent user experience.

App Performance

Don't let battery drain before the subway commute is done.


Any device, anywhere. Works as it should.

Business Testing

Are you delivering your claims about your core offering?

Field Testing

In the wild, on the go. No more interrupted experiences.


Ensuring the user experience is not interrupted


App store optimization to increase your installs.

Installation Test

No second chance to make the first impression


Protect your users and gain trust and confidence.

User Interactions

App & content interactions checks for seamless experience.


Find defects early & check stability before integrations.